Digitalizing the energy sector with

IoT solutions by gridX

“20,4 billion interlinked devices will be online by 2020”

“11,1 trilliion $ of economic value will be generated by IoT by 2025”

“The utilisation rate of machinery can be increased

from 40% to 70% by IoT”

Digital Energy Award

Winner 2018


“The fundamental technological conversion of the energy sector allows the exploitation of smart grid potentials, efficiency increases and the renewable energy generation. Digital and intelligent solutions are required. Thats why receiving the Digital Energy Award in the category Customer Engagement is a tremendous success for the whole team and reinforces our way.”

Digital Energy Solution

The green energy era experiences a rapid growth and diverse development. With increasing numbers of decentralized energy units, the necessity arises to connect and manage them. IoT devices are the units that collect, store and manage the data to optimize  the performance and therefore the (energy) efficiency of physical assets.

Millions of $ are invested by energy companies for the in-house development of a IoT-Cloud infrastructure. Up to 90% of the time is used for fundamental developments that are independent of the real solution.

We manage the technical complexity of your company´s projects efficiently with the proven and tested IoT solutions of gridX.

Your advantages with gridX

Modular Design

Easy adaption to the customer’s needs due to modular design.

expansion modules

Availability of expansion modules for special applications.

cost-effective operation

Easy development, fast implementation, and cost-effective operation of Energy-IoT models.

safety standards

Highest safety standards, uninterruptible updates, and manufacturer-independent connectivity.

combination of business solutions

Interlocking solutions of gridX that allow combination of business solutions.

energy IoT gateway

Powerful and reliable energy IoT gateway

gridX solutions

IoT disrupting the energy space and powering

the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Paradigm shifts of the global energy system are taking place and empower an industrial revolution comparable to the rise of the chemical industry sector or the mass production. The Fourth Industrial Revolution facilitates digital and data-driven business models.

gridX provides IoT-driven business model solutions – here is how.