Digitalizing the energy sector with

gridX IoT-solutions


Each gridBox collects more than 2.5 million data points per day. Due to our robust and scalable architecture the roll out of our solutions is quick and easy.


gridX solutions are compatible with all common decentralized energy units. 90% of all inverters are already integrated.


All gridX solutions come as white label products. From the packing to the software – our designers customize everything to match your corporate identity.

gridX solutions

Independent Homes

A manufacturer-independent white label energy management and monitoring solution for your private customers to increase self-sufficiency.

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Smart Charging

A smart charging solution taking the current market prices and demand peaks into account to optimize costs and avoid blackouts.

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A decentralized grid – independent from the public power grid. Peer-to-peer energy trading allows your customers to trade energy.

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Why gridX

Kick start your digital transformation and IoT-deployment with gridX

Modular design

Easy adaption to the customer’s needs due to modular design


Availability of expansion modules for special applications

Cost efficient

Easy development, fast implementation, and cost-effective operation of Energy-IoT models.


Highest safety standards, uninterruptible updates, and manufacturer-independent connectivity


Interlocking solutions of gridX allow for a combination of different business solutions


Powerful and reliable energy IoT-gateway

IoT disrupting the energy space and powering

the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Paradigm shifts of the global energy system are taking place and empower an industrial revolution comparable to the rise of the chemical industry sector or the mass production. The Fourth Industrial Revolution facilitates digital and data-driven business models.

gridX provides IoT-driven business model solutions – here is how.

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Award-winning technology


gridX is proud to have won the Digital Energy Award 2018. We won the renowned award for the best customer engagement. The award recognizes our commitment to intuitive, user-friendly solutions.

Our software comes as a complete white label product. This allows you to provide your customers with the award-winning user interface in your own corporate design.

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IoT in the energy sector


of development activities are focused on infrastructure development and spent on basic developments that do not contribute to the actual solution – leading to a loss of both, time and money.


of energy providers are found to have implemented IoT-solutions at full-scale so far. Nevertheless, there are plenty of use cases such as smart metering or plant supervision with significant productivity and revenue potential.


of companies facing IoT implementation lack analytics capabilities to leverage IoT data and 53% do not have the technological infrastructure at hand. In addition, there is no widely-accepted connectivity protocol so connectivity issues are very common. Thus, flexible, extendable technology is needed.

We manage the technical complexity of your company’s projects efficiently with our proprietary IoT-solutions.

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