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Testimonials and References 

Christian Harms-Ensink (Viessmann)

“The gridBox represents a complementing element for our E&H systems as well as central monitoring part for our ViShare Energy Community. I enjoy working with our product development partner as pragmatism, timeliness and thinking outside of the box, justified the choice of gridX“

Dr. Christopher Breuer

“gridX’s approach is outstanding in the Energy-IoT market. It is a promising concept for the fourth industrial revolution and bears a significant development potential.”

Stephan Dieper (Rheinenergie)

“gridx´s proven technology and especially the strong customer relationships make them a great partner for innovative and IoT-driven energy solutions.“

Energy Web Foundation

“The desire for innovation in the energy sector, a consistently pursued company philosophy, and market proven solutions accelerate gridXs development.”


“We are happy to welcome gridX as a network member of our emerging global language network for IoT in decentral energy products. gridX is one of 70 leading companies with one global language for all industry sectors.”

Your platform for energy IoT-solutions and business outcomes

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Companies are investing millions in self-development of IoT cloud infrastructure. Often, 90% of the time is spent on basic developments that have nothing to do with the actual solution – they lose time and money.

The gridX platform is the technical enabler for all future business models along the entire (energy) value chain. The gridBox, as manufacturer-independent communication gateway, provides the basis for integrating all decentralized assets, enables interoperability, and delivers a comprehensive platform as a service (PaaS) for rapidly developing and operating big data, predictive analytics, AI / machine learning, and IoT software as a service (SaaS) applications.

gridX is a fast-growing IoT company providing IoT solutions for digital leaders and the digital transformation of the energy industry.


Advantages with gridX

gridX helps customers manage their digital transformation and IoT-Deployment

Highest flexibility with gridX technology stack

10x faster time-to-market

10x more cost efficient

Big companies trust our technology

Win and bind customers with your offerings

Enter new markets flexibly and future-proof

Strengthen your brand and sharpen your image

Save costs due to PaaS pricing models

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