Independent Homes

Viessmann kick starts its digitalization with gridX

gridX ‘Independent Homes’ is the first white label offering for flexible energy management and energy monitoring of private households with self-sufficiency. The customer increases the independence from volatile energy prices and gives every customer valuable insights into their energy flows. Energy costs and the carbon footprint are reduced drastically as gridX takes weather conditions into account and utilizes the storage capacity and the energy generation peaks.

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Elements of Independent Homes

The gridBox is the communication link between the photovoltaic system and the decentral energy systems of the house. It enables the monitoring and management of surplus green energy.

gridX Services provides your customers with personal technical support in every situation.

The Manage-Dashboard provides the ability to select clients that have the ability to monitor the device portfolio and actively operate the devices via remote control.

The User-Dashboard provides an energy flow overview and a system status to your customer in your Corporate Design.

Benefits of the IH solution by gridX for your customers

Maximized self consumption

Intelligent optimization of your customers’ energy management.

Fully automated energy flow management and monitoring

Load balancing between PV production, battery storage systems and the grid as well as visualization on the my.gridX-Dashboard.

Active element of the energy revolution

Become part of millions of self-sufficient energy producers all over the world. .

Access to future revenue models

Prospective grid-beneficial revenue models are already within the function range of the gridBox.

Use Case Viessmann

Our customers experience innovative services, technical remote control of their systems, and continuous service expansion that lead to a long customer loyalty and quick adaptation to new market requirements.

In cooperation with the internationally leading manufacturer of heating systems, gridX integrates photovoltaic systems with battery storage systems, heat pumps, and the ViShare Energy Community in Viessmann’s corporate design.

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The decentralization of the energy market has great potential to lower energy costs and dependencies of our customers from fossil power plants. gridX’s Independent Homes solution enables a flexible energy monitoring and management that lowers the CO2 footprint and increases energy independency. Here is how the Independent Homes solution could disrupt your energy supply.

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