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IoT has repeatedly resulted in new business models that many companies fail to implement. Our gridX platform enables our customers to quickly develop own applications and easily implement them into new business models.
Over the past years, gridX has worked on a scalable IoT platform and based on that introduced energy IoT solutions in the areas of Independent Homes, Smart Charging, Microgrids and Smart Commercial. We’re continuously working on further solutions together with partners and customers. Contact us, if you’re interested in starting a discussion about the following use cases or others!

Potential use cases

Peer-to-Peer energy trading
Peer-to-peer energy trading connects prosumers who generate their own electricity in an independent network. All members are connected virtually and, depending on their current needs and external incentives like power prices and weather or grid conditions, can feed surplus electricity into the prosumer community or draw the electricity they need from it.
By doing so, energy surpluses are transferred to consumers with an energy deficit, which in turn enables peak shaving by demand brought forward. Use gridX for P2P energy trading!

Primary balancing power
The European power grid is undergoing a radical transformation. More and more decentralised renewable generation units are being connected to the grid, making it more difficult to stabilise the grid frequency.
To counteract this, positive or negative balancing energy is used. This requires real-time data and automated control algorithms for storage or other flexible units. Ask us how we can enable you to roll out such services for your customers!

Virtual Power Plant
In addition to the regulated balancing control markets, further VPP uses cases to become more and more relevant to utilities and suppliers. These deal with the topics of market integration of post-subsidy generation units, reduction of redispatch actions and internal balancing for suppliers. As you can see, we are already dealing today with the topics of the future!

Realtime data transmission and monitoring
Do you want to record and evaluate machinery that is already in the field?
With the gridX New Business solution we enable data disaggregation of meter points and machinery, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and customer support.
More than 150 protocols and manufacturer are already implemented and if required, we implement further protocols and integrate your special requirements into our monitoring portals.

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