Smart Charging


million fully electric and +2 million

plug-in hybrid vehicles recorded globally


potential increase in peak power drawn

due to unmanaged charging

20 hours

average time a car remains

on the parking spot per day

As EVs aren’t today’s state of the art transportation mode, an efficient and controlled charging is not realized. EV charging stations charge the EV as soon as it is plugged in. gridX makes charging smart and considers the actual market price of energy and the source of energy generation. This is due to the fact that a multitude of active energy consumers or a cloudy sky can effectuate a cost-intensive and fossil-fuel based charging process. Hence several protocols are used by the gridBox to operate the EV charging station, the photovoltaic system, and the battery storage of our customers in a efficient, self-sustaining and optimized manner.

We enable the bidirectional communication between the electric vehicle and the grid operator, which is one of the crucial steps in the smart grid.

gridX – revolutionizing the way electric vehicles are charged

Maximizing the customers’ autarky and minimizing charging costs

Automation of the households energy monitoring and energy management system enables combination of the photovoltaic system, the residential battery storage, and the battery of the EV to maximize self consumption.

Access to future technology applications and market mechanisms

Fully automatic charge mode that enables controlled charging of the EVs, peak shaving, and demand brought forward.

Efficient and integrated fleet charging

Charging levels and charging necessities of EV fleets are being monitored and aligned to allow cost-effective and ecologic charging that stabilizes the grid.

Combinability with other gridX solutions

Combination of the ‘Smart Charging’ solution with the ‘Independent Homes’ solution of gridX and hence a interlocking procedure of intelligent energy management.

Local power supply

Local renewable production sites are integrated into the charging process to guarantee a ecologic and free of cost charge mode at public charging stations.

Smart Charging – Browse our thougts on EV implementation into a centrally managed and optimized energy distribution

Increasing numbers of electric vehicle integration in the automotive sector create challenges for charging station operators who need to optimize the charging mode of more and more electric vehicles. As electric vehicles rest 20 hours per day on average at the charging point load shifts, fast charging opportunities, priority charging, and more charging modes bear a great potential to the charging process. gridX provides a solution for residential and business charging applications – contact us to learn more.

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